43 Angels

by Tania Rose

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Earth Angel 04:58
Angel Mine 04:57
Calling 05:23
Inspirare 10:17


Bill Binkelman from Wind & Wire writes:

"Tania Rose blends piano and synthesizers to create an enjoyable and emotionally rich recording on 43 Angels. There's no denying that most of what you'll find here is in the classic "angelic" vein of new age music, full of lush strings and slow-paced romantic piano. However, Rose demonstrates two less commonplace talents throughout the CD. One is her skill at layering her electronic keyboards in with the piano to solid effect (sometimes pouring it on when desired and other times finessing the application of the instruments). Her other area of expertise is her specific choice of keyboard sounds, both the nature of the sounds and the high quality of, for example, her strings.""

Another surprise for me was how some of her compositions varied from the traditional angel-music formula, notably "Corridor of Angels" which could almost be a Tim Story piece. Minimal piano, understated twinkling synths, and lower register strings (cello and bass) offer up nine-plus minutes of a repeated musical phrase that goes through subtle evolutions as it unwinds. Most of the song takes place in minor keys, with only some major key chorales now and then to alter the mood from somber to subtle majesty. "Journey Flight" is another winner, opening with real acoustic guitar, synth strings, and high-pitched bell tones. There is sense of soaring and flight to the strings, juxtaposed with harpsichord-ish keyboards that paint the song in Renaissance flavors.

Rose's piano playing is the centerpoint of the album... playing mostly in a soft manner and not straying into pointless pyrotechnics. At the heart of this album is a soft gentility...the artist's aim... to impart of sense of beauty and serenity while also introducing elements of awe and wonderment. There are no rhythms present, except those inherent in the main melody lines, so don't be expecting any beats whatsoever. Instead, 43 Angels offers you patient soothing soundscapes, such as "Earth Angel" with its neo-classical piano, French horn, lush strings, and "Inspirare" the ten-plus minute closing track, filled with piano, lower register strings, and multi-tracked soprano chorales (Rose herself).

43 Angels is obviously new age music through and through, but this is not your garden-variety angelic recording, either. While the selections have an easily-recognized continuity tying them together, there is enough variety here to hold your interest (if that is a concern for you). Most people will probably enjoy this recording more as background accompaniment where its softness and warm melodies will color the environment in soothing sonic shades meant to relax and guide you to a place of rest and relaxation. In that regard, Tania Rose has succeeded admirably in making music that speaks of love and peace, something that we can all use a lot more of, in my opinion."


released January 1, 2003


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Tania Rose Sydney, Australia

Tania Rose is an audio explorer, most notably exploring the world of ambient, soundtrack-like music. Her reputation in the world of relaxation music is noteworthy, particularly the soundtrack to the CORAL SEA DREAMING film, and her sleep cd DRIFT.

"i love the unusual and the beautiful, the expressive and the peaceful. Sometimes i'm eclectic, and other times i'm still. It's the paradox of living"
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